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Tapteal Elementary - Pre-K to Grade 5
It takes a team, working together, to raise a child...Principal, Rhonda Pratt


Student Support

When students struggle, Tapteal teachers draw on a full suite of supports, resources and interventions. Here is a breakdown by action based on a continuum of reading ability.

At the highest level:

  • Tier 1 students can meet the standard for reading ability.
  • Tier 2 students need support because certain risk factors are present. With Tier 2 students, teachers identify the gaps and provide the extra support these kids need to meet standard.
  • Tier 3 students need intensive support.

The Challenge of Behavior
School-wide, the school applies Time to Teach as a multi-faceted classroom management system supported at the district level. However, children who struggle academically sometimes struggle to maintain positive behaviors and may not be responsive to standard disciplinary practices. They need to know how to process new experiences, adopt constructive behaviors and feel genuinely motivated to do well at school.

Tapteal teachers approach behavioral issues through the proven lens of Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports (P.B.I.S.). Parents, teachers and specialists are part of the team and integral to the solution. Instructional approaches, grouping, behavior plans and counseling groups can figure into the mix of intervention strategies. The team can also draw on the services of the BESST (Behavior, Education, and Social Skills Training) program for students who have acute behavior, and social and emotional needs.

Here is a graphical snapshot of the behavior intervention approach at Tapteal elementary.

Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports to Address Behavior

Tier 1

Time to Teach

Structured recess activities for students who will benefit.

Character Traits Program:

  • Character Traits of the Month T-shirts for Super Hawks exhibiting these traits
  • Good Hawks given to students “caught” doing good
  • Award assemblies

Tier 2

Individual behavior plans

Tier 3

Individual behavior plans

District-developed behavior program, BESST

  The Blueprint

Professional Development
Student Support


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