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Tapteal Elementary - Pre-K to Grade 5
It takes a team, working together, to raise a child...Principal, Rhonda Pratt



At Tapteal, 90-minute blocks of time in reading and math are scheduled for grades 1-5. Kindergarten students study reading for 75-minutes and math for 30 minutes, which works with Tapteal’s half-day program.

Math and reading blocks are inviolable — safety drills, health screenings, photos and other school activities are all scheduled around these core reading and math blocks. Schedules are designed carefully to make the most of RTI activities, computer lab access and available support from educational assistants (EA).

Tapteal’s EAs and RTI specialists provide RTI support — also tightly scheduled. Clearly defined schedules that capture RTI activities get additional support — also tightly scheduled — from Tapteal’s educational assistants (EA). EA time is valued highly and used always for academic support, not clerical tasks in the classrooms. Teachers in every grade level get common planning time complimented by early release Fridays that open up time for the PLCs (professional learning communities) to share outcomes and collaborate.

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