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Tapteal Elementary - Pre-K to Grade 5
It takes a team, working together, to raise a child...Principal, Rhonda Pratt



Principal Rhonda Pratt and team of school leaders have created a caring, positive school culture where every child’s success is the single most important driver in everything they do. They believe that all children can learn and that it is their job make sure the best teaching makes the best learning possible. Pratt is a proponent of deep team work. She optimizes team performance by empowering and supporting her staff. These educators will do whatever it takes to help children perform at the highest level of their ability. They hold to a laser-like focus on a common vision and common goals.

All One Team— Students, Teachers, Families
Pratt places high value on her relationships with colleagues and families, and cultivates these pivotal connections. She believes that strong relationships strengthen school culture, and generate a necessary resilience that overcomes the tough struggles that often accompany teaching and learning, and make the recognition of achievement all the sweeter for everyone.

“Get to know your staff as professionals and as people,” says Pratt. “Get to know their families, too because it is within these relationships with staff and also with the families whose children attend the school that we can make a difference in how children behave and perform.” She practices an open-door policy as school principal and open communication that enriches teamwork and keeps everyone contributing. Says Pratt, “At the end of the day, all of us keep our focus on the needs of each child. It’s a simple idea, complex in practice, but it works.”

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