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Gildo Rey Elementary - Pre-K to Grade 5
All of our kids are all of our kids . . . Principal Robin Logan



“I feel about my school like I do about my own children. I want what’s best for them, give all that I can, and never really feel like it’s enough,” says Gildo Rey Principal Robin Logan. She believes that her staff is the life force of the school and that her central mission is to give them what they need to bring every child to the highest possible level of academic achievement. And it changes every year. And it changes with every human dynamic, situation and issue. “I just do the best I can, believe in each child and each teacher, and trust that, with effort, we will do better every year.”

It follows that Logan finds her position to be one of the most meaningful and challenging jobs possible to hold. And although she maintains that she doesn’t have a “deep philosophy of leadership,” her simple, intense passion to see every child learn to read and do math to standard sets the bar for an engaged school culture. She and her staff work hard because they care so much. “After all, education will determine each child’s future. We must do what it takes to really educate and build a lifelong commitment to learning.”

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