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Gildo Rey Elementary - Pre-K to Grade 5
All of our kids are all of our kids . . . Principal Robin Logan


Data for Instruction

Gildo Rey teachers access the latest data on student performance organized on an Excel spread sheet. This digital tool provides an up-to-the-minute source for their analysis. On the spreadsheet, they look for the indicators of understanding or struggle on the MSP, in benchmark math, within end-of-unit and weekly problem-solving assessments and in the results of the latest fact fluency timings.

They bring the data forward and analyze it together to determine student placement in the flexible math groups. This churning core of indicators shows Gildo Rey teachers where to review and re-teach, what before- and after-school interventions are necessary, what skills need work during core math review and which kids need time in the Math Fact Café. The information is a snapshot that shows clearly if the interventions and instruction are working and points to student progress toward IEP goals.





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