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Garfield Elementary, Spokane, PK-6
Garfield Elementary is a community school, your community school . . Principal Clint Price


Diversity is not a phenomenon at Garfield — it is the norm in a dynamic learning community where each child stands at the center of a richly varied educational experience. And although core curricula have primacy, music, art and health/fitness are equal partners in the attention paid to the whole child. In 2010, Garfield received state recognition for academic achievement in math and reading with the Title I, Part A Academic Achievement Award.

Many families in the local community depend on Garfield Elementary as the source of robust programs and resources for their children. These programs unlock opportunities for learning and engagement.

  • Magnet programs deliver specialized curricula. Children with disabilities take advantage of a multi-faceted program that serves those with multiple and orthopedic disabilities.
  • Two pre-schools are busy centers of support and learning. One provides general education, the other delivers special education related services.
  • The A.P.P.L.E. program (Alternate Parent Participation Learning Experience program) stimulates powerful parent engagement and real-world learning experiences that involve the Garfield community.
  • Without state funds for a full-day kindergarten, Garfield applies its Title I dollars to provide this important service to the community.

The Demographics

  • 482 students
  • 71.2% F/R meals
  • 21.8% special education
  • 6.2% transitional bilingual

The Data

High-Value Academic Programs & Disciplined Intervention
If you asked Principal Clint Price how he and his staff have raised reading and math achievement at Garfield, he would give you a complex formula that blends targeted instructional activities, research-based approaches to behavioral challenges, and specific instructional and assessment interventions designed to meet the learning needs of this diverse school population.

At Garfield, every student has many opportunities to meet and exceed state standard. All students have access to core instruction from their homeroom teacher. However, based on need and a close review of current assessment data, teachers might layer in more interventions and extend the teaching and learning experience with instructional support to help students to meet and exceed standard. Many students take advantage of an after-school program that provides added math and literacy instruction four days a week plus special activities for English language learners.


  The Blueprint

Professional Development
Student Support

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