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Three Rivers Homelink, Richland School District

Eric Sobotta, Principal

Grade level: K–12
Free and Reduced Meals: 17.6%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2012

Three Rivers HomeLink is an accredited innovative school for students in grades K-12, offering onsite core classes as well as supplemental workshops five days a week on our campus. We also offer online and remote courses utilizing the K12, Apex, Odysseyware, and OSPI's DLD curriculum.

Our approach centers around building an individualized learning plan for each student. Together with their family, each student works with a certificated educational consultant to create a Written Student Learning Plan that takes into account individual strengths and needs of that student. Our learning plans are focused on goals and assessment toward mastery. Every learning plan is aligned to state standards and provides guidance through high school to higher learning and the workplace beyond. Our consultants, all experienced certificated teachers, meet with families, building relationships, monitoring progress, and providing expert guidance throughout the school year - all the while ensuring that our school adheres to the complex documentation required by the alternative learning experience law.

HomeLink has a Skillbuilding Lab that supported over 100 students last year that were struggling in reading and/or math. In the lab, diagnostic assessments, academic interventions and progress monitoring are all done with a goal of closing the achievement gap and helping students to feel successful in their learning again.

We also support extracurricular activities. The Future City Team (STEM) at HomeLink won the state competition in 2009 and 2010, going on to compete in the national competition. Homelink's "STEAM rollers" robotics team swept two "Boebots" robotics competitions in Eastern Washington this winter. Our Students have participated and received awards in local and state Science Fairs, and many other clubs and activities, such as the Mid-Columbia Solar System project.

Numerous students at HomeLink are concurrent with other schools, accessing Running Start, Tri-Tech Skills Center, and many other programs, both locally and on-line. We recognize that every student is a unique individual, and we believe that with the vast array of educational resources available, each student should have a top-notch tailored-to-fit education.


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