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Talbot Hill Elementary, Renton School District

Sheryl Dunton, Principal

Grade level: K-5
Free and Reduced Meals: 47.2%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 1993

Talbot Hill is home to an ethnically and economically diverse student body. Recognized nationally for excellence, Talbot Hill’s MicroSociety program is a unique school reform effort that allows students to create and participate in a democratic mini-society within the school. Students are actively engaged in the operation of their society by their participation in student-run ventures (for-profit businesses), non-profits, and government agencies.

As they develop an understanding of how the real world operates, students apply the core academic subjects in new ways. Language arts and math skills learned in the classroom are put to use creating advertisements, editing newspaper articles, authoring books, presenting cases in court, writing scripts for television shows, totaling sales and expenses, calculating income, and calculating taxes among other real world activities. Social studies, health, and science skills also appear in school museums and businesses generating increased interest, awareness, and proficiency in these subjects as well.

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