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Marysville Arts and Technology, Marysville School District

Terri Kaltenbach, Principal

Grade level: 10–12
Free and Reduced Meals: 39.5%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2003

Marysville Arts and Technology high school (A&T) is a four-year Small Learning Community (SLC). Unique features of A&T include:

  • Advisory - Students have the same advisory teacher for all four years to develop a continuous relationship throughout the experience. Advisory activities include community building, creating a resume, tracking progress toward graduation and developing a high school and beyond plan.
  • Research/Project Based learning - Teachers focus on students acquiring critical thinking and analysis skills through well crafted research. Students are allowed to demonstrate skills within the strength of their individual learning style.
  • Technology Integration - Teachers use technology to create interactive classrooms and provide support and timely feedback.
  • FIRE Class/ Personalized Summer School - Students develop learning contracts for proving competency in courses that they had previously failed.
  • Professional Exposure - When possible, staff bring in working professionals to demonstrate skills and to mentor students.
  • Service learning - Classes and clubs interact with the community through volunteering.

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