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Kent Mountain View Academy, Kent School District

Debbie Dempsey, Principal

Grade level: 3–12
Free and Reduced Meals: 35.7%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 1997

Kent Mountain View Academy (KMVA) is a small school with a focus on attracting families who are not accessing public education. KMVA currently offers three programs:

  • Choice Program - One section of each grade level for grades 3–12
  • Transition Program - Computer-based credit retrieval for grades 9–12
  • Link Program – For Asperger’s/Autism students in grades 7–12

The elementary program rotates students through each of its four teachers multiple times during their elementary years, changing classes similar to a secondary schedule. Advanced elementary students can access middle and high school courses on campus. Middle school students have the same teachers for grades 7 and 8, and the five high school content teachers work with students from grade 9 through graduation. This multi-year exposure to the same teachers and peer groups provides a base of stability and familiarity for Link Program students. The Transition Program falls under the Alternative Learning Experience requirements. It allows students to attend school who cannot attend a full day due to health, financial or other reasons.

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