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Eatonville Elementary, Eatonville School District

Diane Heersink, Principal

Grade level: K–5
Free and Reduced Meals: 48.5%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2012

Our vision is to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and the Arts to inspire and foster innovation. We create safe and strong academic opportunities that allow all students to realize success and develop 21st Century competencies.

Our campus in Eatonville is within the Nisqually River Watershed, and our district collaborates with the Nisqually River Council, Nisqually Land Trust, and tribal interests. Eatonville Elementary has a long-standing partnership with the Nisqually River Education Project (NREP) to gather water quality data from these (and other) local streams on a regular basis and analyze the data. Students engage in regular hands-on science activities and student led experimentation including butterfly kits, owl pellets, worm investigation, seed germination, aircraft construction, and more.

Our teachers have imbedded inquiry, innovation, perseverance, collaboration, and high-level discourse into their classrooms. Our partners are numerous and include the Starry Hill Planetarium and Observatory and the Seattle Flight Museum.

Intermediate students design, implement, and present their own experiments to younger students, parents, and staff at the Eatonville Elementary School Science Fair and Invention Convention. Our extended learning opportunities include Garden Club, human health club (led by a local physician), yoga, and a therapy pet club (also used for social emotional support).

In addition, the Arts have now been integrated in all content areas including for an A-STEM focus. At a low income rural school, the arts give students an opportunity to explore STEM in a creative, project based way.


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