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East Valley Middle School, East Valley (Spokane) School District

Doug Kaplicky, Principal

Grade level: 7–8
Free and Reduced Meals: 54%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2014

Relationships and hands-on learning are our prime focus and the foundations of our instructional culture.

We have implemented a reverse discipline program that would transform any school in a positive way. It is PBIS on enhancement. Students, staff and parent love it!

We believe you can empower inventive minds to uncover solutions. Our Science and Project Lead the Way courses and our engineering students are taking their interests in STEM to new heights outside of class. Some examples of this work are students:

  • Creating their own websites related to Engineering careers.
  • Building their own video games.
  • Using technology and engineering knowledge to design musical instruments. One student is using solar energy and varying voltage achieved through the amount of lumens to create different tones. This instrument is a version of a Theremin first popularly used by the Beach Boys song, “Good Vibrations.”
  • Designing, printing, and launching 3-D rockets.
  • Designing a fire extinguisher that uses sound waves.

Our staff has explored many aspects of Carol Dweck's work on the "Growth Mindset." We learned calculated risk-taking that revolutionizes learning in all subjects. We recently took a risk by re-opening a middle school. We create a legacy of achievement and plant passion in students’ hearts and minds which will translate to success later in their lives.


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