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Delta High School, Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland School Districts

Deidre Holmberg, Principal

Grade level: 10–11
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2009

The major characteristic of Delta High School is an integrated, interdisciplinary program of study that weaves science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and humanities concepts together through the use of hands-on, project and problem-based, and inquiry focused instruction. Delta enrolls 100 students in each grade, and students are selected by lottery. Delta is supported through a partnership between three school districts, a state university, a community college, a national laboratory, a foundation, and additional community partners. Unique features of the school include:

  • A trimester schedule and 90 minute instructional blocks.
  • Standards focused grading throughout.
  • Focus on core preparation in grades 9 and 10, electives options in grades 11 and 12, and senior seminars.
  • Mentoring of students and teachers by STEM professionals.
  • Advisory classes support student learning and preparation for post-secondary education and career.
  • Internships, tours, job shadows, and career mentoring are integral part of student experience.
  • Electives, sports and extracurricular activities available at boundary schools.

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