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Bonney Lake High School, Sumner School District

Linda Masteller, Principal

Grade level: 10–12
Free and Reduced Meals: 27.1%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 2005

Bonney Lake High School was designed using the innovative model of High Schools That Work (HSTW). The teaming model for grades 9–10 connects math, English, and science instruction with grade-level administrators, counselors, and learning specialists. The advisory program, based on HSTW practices, uses innovative curriculum and structure to nurture student growth personally and academically. The advisory program also includes post-graduate planning and embedded Response to Intervention time which matches students with peer tutors and mentor teachers.

The student leadership model has created innovative programs suce as Winter Wishes which grants as many need-based student “wishes” as possible each year. The school-wide student mentor program pairs every freshman and new student with 2–3 upperclassmen to help them transition into high school.

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