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10th Street School, Marysville School District

Shawn Stevenson, Principal

Grade level: 6-8
Free and Reduced Meals: 14%
Year school began to implement innovative practices: 1996

10th Street School is focused on building well-rounded lifelong learners who will succeed beyond middle school. At 10th Street, all teachers are department heads, as there is only one teacher in each subject area. Its small staff’s shared vision is to:

  • Consistently teach high academic and behavior expectations.
  • Hold students accountable.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with students and families within our community.
  • Use effective instructional practices.
  • Focus on thinking and learning.
  • Daily integrate art and music.

The size of the school helps facilitate frequent communication with families and a flexible schedule. This flexibility allows for innovative educational opportunities such as guest speakers, field trips, and in-depth cross curricular projects. The schedule also rotates every three weeks to meet students’ needs and optimal learning times.

   Updated 3/20/2014

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