Online Testing & Technology Readiness
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Education Technology

Online Testing & Technology Readiness

Online assessment demands sufficient capacity across school networks —hardware and software — to support complex applications and a growing body of multi-media content.

  • Learning devices must minimum standards for operating system version, security, computing speed, memory, screen size and resolution, and keyboard standard.
  • There must be enough web-enabled devices for all students to take the assessments.
  • School networks must be fast enough to handle high numbers of students all online, all taking the test at the same time.
  • There must be enough trained staff to support online assessment.

Minimum Hardware, OS & Connectivity Specs for Online Assessments


Windows Desktops & Laptops

Windows 7 or higher, Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher

Mac OS X Desktops & Laptops

Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

Linux Desktops & Laptops

Ubuntu 14.04 or higher, Fedora 27 or higher

iOS Tablets

iPad running iOS10.3 or higher (9.5 inch screen)

Android Tablets

Android tablets running Android 7.1+

Windows Tablets

Windows-based tablets running Windows 8+. Windows RTdoes not meet minimum specs for online testing.

Chrome OS Devices

Chromebooks running Chrome OS (v67)+


Screen Size All Devices

10-inch monitors or larger with a 1024 x 768 resolution


External Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards must be available unless students use an alternative.

Device Type

All Devices

No restriction as long as the device meets the other requirements. Can include desktops, laptops, netbooks, virtual desktops and thin clients, hybrid laptop/tablets, and tablets—iPad, Windows, Chromebooks and Android.


Risk Management

Device must have the admin-level tools to disable software features, functions and applications that could present a security risk during test administration.


Sufficient & Web-enabled

All students must be able to complete assessments during the authorized time period—up to 12 weeks.

Connectivity Speed

Bandwidth Rate

10–20 Kbps available per student to be tested simultaneously during testing time periods.


   Updated 10/18/2018

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