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Education Technology

Rubric: Essential Conditions for Technology Integration

We developed a rubric that breaks down the path of progressive change schools undertake as they modify instructional strategies, curricula and classroom assessments to take advantage of a technology-enabled environment.

Rubric Index (PDF)
Forward-Thinking, Shared Vision
IT Administration & Support Focused on Teaching & Learning
Technology Capacity, Equity & Access
Leadership, Professional Development to Improve Teaching & Learning
Student-Centered 21st Century Learning Environment

Download the Entire Rubric
(PDF, 8 pages, 110 KB) or (Word, 8 pages, 60 KB)


Assess Tech Proficiency, Integration & Literacy

Tech Proficiencies for Teachers

Indicators for Tech Integration

Indicators for Tech Literacy/Fluency

Bloom's Goes Digital
Bloom Digital Taxonomy

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