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Responsible digital citizenship comes with the ability to use the Internet safely. Knowledge and awareness are the building blocks of this new responsibility and source of self-protection for young people who explore the world online.

Federal law synchs with this important idea in the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), which mandates that schools must educate minors about safe online behavior — cyber bullying awareness/response and social networking. CIPA requires that schools adopt and practice policy that integrates Internet safety into curriculum.

We encourage school administrators to take a look at these high-quality Internet safety programs.

OSPI Safety Center
Covers the basics of cyberbullying and online safety, and provides in-depth training materials that work for self- or group study. Here are two good presentations that outline the basics. Cyberbullying – What Is It | Cyberbullying – It’s Not About Technology. Much more on the Safety Center site.

Common Sense Media
Free digital literacy and citizenship curricula for K-12 classrooms. Common Sense Media lists these advantages to its offerings:

  • Research-based lessons developed with the support of recognized educational researchers
  • Aligned to ISTE, AALS, and Common Core Standards
  • Video-rich, student-tested media resources
  • Instructional flexibility through modular lessons — any subject in any order
  • Supports compliance with E-rate discount requirements

Scope & Sequence Tool
Parent Education

Parent U
New from ESD 112 in Vancouver — a site that supports community engagement and outreach for families with a digital footprint. Look for excellent content on a variety of topics related to Internet safety. Of special interest is a series of webinars called Keeping Our Children Safe on the Internet. These webinars emphasize the importance of paying attention to what kids do online — no matter what the device.

Presentations, workshops and online resources for kids, teens, parents and educators. Bookmark the site, which enjoys regular updates with new materials and media. NetSafeUtah has a direct focus on content that will help schools meet CIPA requirements.

i-SAFE is a non-profit organization that publishes teaching and learning materials related to media literacy and digital citizenship. Working with federal government partners, iSafe promotes a set of best practices for K-12 schools that feature safe online behavior and family engagement.

NetSmartz Workshop
NetSmartz Workshop is popular educational program run by the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children®. Look for age-appropriate materials teachers and parents can use teach kids how to be safer online and offline. Designed for children ages 5-17, parents and guardians, educators and law enforcement, NetSmartz resources include videos, games, activity cards and presentations.

More organizations, programs and resources that focus on Internet Safety.






Electronic Resources Policy

Children’s Internet Protection Act
Background & Requirements (FCC)
CIPA (full text)
Video & Info from the American Library Assoc.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
Guide for Parents & Business

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Overview (Dept. of Education)

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