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Annual Technology Survey – Frequently-Asked Questions

In prior years, we reported on the number of “standards-based computers”. How is that data being gathered this year?
Instructional devices that are reported with updated operating systems (Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.6.x or higher) with 1 GB or more of RAM, screen size of 10” or larger, and screen resolution of 1024x768 will be counted as “standards-based computers”.

Do we need to report on the number of administrative computers, or educators with email accounts this year?
No, since prior surveys have indicated that virtually all educators now use a standards-based computer and have a district-provided email account, we are no longer collecting that data.

My high school is the district demarc to connect to the Internet, and the district office is connected to it via our WAN. How should I answer the question, "Does this building have a Wide-Area Network (WAN) link to your district office or Internet demarc?"
Answer the question Yes, and indicate the speed (e.g., 1 GB or higher) of the WAN connection between the high school and the district office

Should districts count iPod touches as Tablets? Or just iPads and iPad minis?
Only the iPads and iPad minis should be counted as instructional tablets, while iPod touches could be reported in this optional question: "List other district-owned wireless handheld devices that you make available for instructional use".


2017-2018 Tech Survey Questions
2017-2018 Annual Technology Survey Questions (PDF)

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