Shape the Future Professional Learning Opportunity
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Shape the Future Professional Learning Opportunity

With initial funding from the Microsoft Shape the Future project, OSPI and the Association of Educational Service Districts' (AESD) Network developed four high-quality online professional learning courses to support 21st century learning through the effective, appropriate and visionary use of technology.

The four courses are being offered at several ESDs to educators statewide during the 2016-17 school year on a fee-for-service basis. Participants can sign up with any of the sponsoring ESD's (not just their geographic region).

Optional clock hours (for an additional fee) will be available through the sponsoring ESD.

Digital Information Literacy
During this course, you will learn more about Digital Information Literacy, as well as refine your skills in searching techniques, evaluating resources for credibility and accuracy, and referencing online resources. You will be sharing what you learn and create with others, and you will enhance your understanding by drawing from their feedback and shared resources. Course projects and skills explored are aligned to appropriate Common Core and ISTE Standards. As an extension of this learning you will be expected to share what you learn to students in your classrooms, so they will also build their digital information literacy skills.

Digital Tools for Personalized and Blended Learning
Explore digital tools that teach, inspire, and connect. From online simulations to presentation programs, from social networking to online databases, examine free tools that enable personalized and blended learning. Build your skillset as you work through six online modules: start by becoming competent with two new tools, then design short-term lessons and longer-term projects that teach your students to use those tools. Be part of a learning community by sharing your plans with other participants, and draw on others' feedback and advice so that you can achieve success as you bring personalized and blended learning into your classroom.

21st Century Teacher Toolbox
In this course, you will explore creating an online PLC (professional learning community), gain some skills for finding and vetting online and software tools for your classroom, and share specific resources for increasing student learning and making your life easier. This course is arranged into three modules, and will make use of readings, written responses, and synchronous (live) video discussions throughout the course. By the end of this course, you will be confident in your ability to utilize a wider network of professionals to help you maximize your time with students.

Don't Panic: Managing Devices in the Classroom
This online class is intended to help you figure out how to "wrangle" all those devices that are coming into your classroom anyway--devices that students bring from home, as well as those purchased by your school. This course will give you a solid foundation for building your own device management strategy. You will be provided lots of ideas about what to consider when you are increasing your use of technology in the classroom, how to organize devices so they are not a "speed bump" that slows down your instruction, and ways to teach procedures that help your students use their digital devices as seamlessly as they use books, rulers and pencils. By the end of this course, you will be confident in your ability to manage (and get the most out of) multiple devices in the classroom. You will also create a written plan for classroom technology use that can help you to integrate technology into your existing procedures.



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