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Technology Survey

Online PILOT Self-Assessment

PILOT is an online self-assessment that helps students and educators determine how proficient they are with technology. Designed in a simple question-answer format PILOT takes about 20-30 minutes to complete. The self-assessment data PILOT returns provides a way to evaluate:

  • Technology proficiencies of certified administrators.
  • Technology proficiencies of certified teacher-librarians and library-media specialists.
  • Technology proficiencies and integration skills of certified teachers.
  • Technology literacy levels of 8th-grade students.

PILOT is free, user-friendly and provides a one-stop-shop for districts to assess the technology skills of staff and students.

Many educators and administrators use PILOT’s results data to plan for professional development and enrich learning activities.

Librarians and Library media specialists
8th-Grade Students

PILOT screenshot for certified teachers

Technology Integration and Proficiency Self-Assessment
Best For: Certified teachers.
Recommend: Para-professionals and teacher librarians.  Just make sure you identify your role in the profile.

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PILOT screenshot for administrators

Technology Proficiency Self-Assessment — Administrators
Best For: School-based certified administrators.
Recommend: All central office administrators curriculum coordinators, teacher coaches, school counselors, psychiatrists, speech-language pathologists, nurses, audiologists, and occupational and physical therapists. Just be aware that some of the questions are targeted specifically to certified administrators.

(PILOT Screenshot)

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PILOT screenshot for Librarians and Media Specialists

Technology Proficiency Self-Assessment — Librarians/Library Media Specialists
Best For: Librarians and library media specialists.
Recommend: Other library staff.

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PILOT screenshot for students

Best For: Students in the 8th-grade.
Registration: Teachers create a password for students. Students log in and take the self-assessment.


Assess Tech Proficiency, Integration & Literacy

Tech Proficiencies for Teachers

Indicators for Tech Integration

Indicators for Tech Literacy/Fluency

PILOT for teachers | PILOT Jr for students

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