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Electronic Resources Policy

Every district must have an electronic resources (ER) policy in place that identifies responsible conduct within the online environment, and outlines remedies that provide an effective response when violations occur.

We recommend this model policy and its procedures document as a good beginning for schools and districts that need to put protections in place related to Internet access. Both models were developed in partnership with the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA), and may not be distributed without written permission of WSSDA.

Annual Review of Electronic Resources Policy

Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, school districts must annually review its policy and procedures on electronic resources and internet safety, per SSB 6273 (2016). In reviewing and amending the policy and procedures, a school district must:

  • involve a representation of students, parents or guardians, teachers, teacher-librarians, other school employees, administrators, and community representatives with experience or expertise in digital citizenship, media literacy, and internet safety issues;
  • consider customizing WSSDA's model policy and procedures on electronic resources and internet safety;
  • consider existing school district resources; and
  • consider best practices, resources, and models for instruction in digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy, including methods to involve parents.

WSSDA has developed a checklist of considerations for districts to use when updating their policy and procedures, which is posted on WSSDA’s Featured Policies page.

OSPI has released a report on best practices and recommendations for instruction related to digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy. That report, along with links to high-quality, free educational resources that districts may find helpful is now available at the Digital Citizenship & Media Literacy Resources website.

Extend and Support Your Electronic Resources Policy

  • Four big ideas that belong in every Electronic Resources policy.
  • Rules of the Road - turn this page into poster and put it on the wall in your computer labs and classrooms.

Internet Safety

Teach & Learn Internet Safety


Teach & Learn Internet Safety

Children’s Internet Protection Act
Background & Requirements (FCC)
CIPA (full text)

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
Guide for Parents & Business

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Overview (Dept. of Education)

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