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Electronic Resources Policy

Every district must have an electronic resources (ER) policy in place that identifies responsible conduct within the online environment, and outlines remedies that provide an effective response when violations occur.

We recommend this model policy and its procedures document as a good beginning for schools and districts that need to put protections in place related to Internet access. Both models were developed in partnership with the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA).

Electronic Access: Student & Parental Consent Form
Schools can use this model form to document student and parental consent related to the use of the K20 education network. Also developed by WSSDA, the form covers the educational potentials and pitfalls of Internet access, and advises families to become familiar with school and district policy and procedure.

Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA)
CIPA Update: 2012 FCC Order
New CIPA Requirements
Policies & Procedures That Meet New CIPA Requirements

Filtering Update: New Language in the State’s Model ER Policy & Procedures
Policy & Procedures

Guidance on ER Policy
Extend and Support Your Electronic Resources Policy

Internet Safety
Teach & Learn Internet Safety
What Does the Research Say About Internet Safety?


CIPA Update: 2012 FCC Order
CHILDREN’S INTERNET PROTECTION ACT UPDATE. New guidance from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) clarifies new Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements. 

These policies must provide:

  • Education for minors about appropriate online behavior, which includes interaction with people on social networking sites and in chat rooms.
  • Evidence of programs that raise awareness of, and respond to, cyberbullying.

New CIPA Requirements
Here is a notification document (PDF) from the FCC that answers three key questions about the revisions to CIPA:

  1. What should schools include in their Internet safety policies, and what documents should schools retain to demonstrate compliance with the requirement to educate minors about appropriate online behavior?
  2. Are schools receiving E-rate discounts for Internet access and/or internal connections required to provide education about appropriate online behavior to their students every year?
  3. Do schools need to ensure the education of every student in order to be able to certify they are educating minors about appropriate online behavior?

Read the FCC order that details the revisions to the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

Policies & Procedures That Meet New CIPA Requirements
We recommend a combination of two board policies — 2022 and 3207 — that adopted together, meet the new CIPA provisions.

Districts must decide how to put these new policy provisions into practice and also document what they do related to cyberbullying. (E-rate audits could look for evidence of anti-cyberbullying programs and activities.)
Policy No. 3207 | Policy No. 2022 | Policy No. 2022 Procedures | Bulletin—Policy No. 2022—B010-12

Filtering Update: New Language in the State’s Model ER Policy & Procedures
WSSDA has added language related to filtering to the procedures section of the model electronic resources policy, No. 2022. The new provision makes it possible for students and staff to request access to a blocked Web site, and, if necessary, appeal the school or district’s decision.

Policy & Procedures
Look in the procedures document for the new provision on filtering.

Extend and Support Your Electronic Resources Policy

  • Four big ideas that belong in every Electronic Resources policy.
  • Rules of the Road - turn this page into poster and put it on the wall in your computer labs and classrooms.

What Does the Research Say?
Linda Criddle, president of LOOKBOTHWAYS Inc., a leader in internet safety technologies, has compiled an outstanding collection of information, research and resources on Internet safety. She developed this report as a member of the Youth Internet Safety Task Force.


















Teach & Learn Internet Safety

Children’s Internet Protection Act
Background & Requirements (FCC)
CIPA (full text)
Video & Info from the American Library Assoc.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
Guide for Parents & Business

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act
Overview (Dept. of Education)

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