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Computers 4 Kids (C4Kids) Basics

Request Computers for Your School
Your district’s technology coordinator or designee must originate a C4K request. Here’s the breakdown for computer distribution based on the student enrollment total for each building:

  • 1 to 400 – 12 computers.
  • 401 to 800 – 24 computers.
  • 801+ – 36 computers.

C4K Request Forms — Single or Multiple Buildings

State Standard for C4K Computers
All C4K computers are configured to meet state the state standard for PCs and Macs. Most machines will arrive without an operating system.

PC Specifications

  • Intel Core i3, i5, i7 Series desktop or laptop
  • Keyboards and mice included with desktops if requested (pending availability)
  • Minimum 4 GB RAM and 80 GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, USB ports, supports Windows 7 or higher, Ethernet NIC card and sound card
  • 17 inch or larger LCD flat panel

Printer Specifications

  • Monochrome laser printer — minimum speed 6 pages per minute

Macintosh Specifications

  • Intel-based Mac desktop with keyboard and mouse or iBook/MacBook
  • Minimum 1 GB RAM and 120 GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, USB ports, supports OS X 10.3 or higher and has Ethernet capability
  • 17-inch monitor ― 1024 X 768 resolution
  • Printers ― HP Laser 4000 equivalent and above

Macintosh Computers, Printers & Monitors

  • Macintosh computers are scarce. If you specify Macs, expect a long delay. In fact, it could take years to fill your request.
  • Printers are in short supply, so delivery timeframes are not predictable.
  • The supply of monitors varies with refurbished systems. If we can’t match each computer with a monitor, we’ll reduce the price to $22.

Waiting Lists

  • We distribute PCs and laptops surplused by Department of Enterprise Services (DES) as they come off lease. DES Waitlist.
  • We also distribute computers to needy school districts once they have been refurbished at the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Spokane. AHCC Waitlist.

We update the list every month. Make your request and watch your waitlist.

Brand Choice
We can’t guarantee brand, however we try to match brands, and other specifications if possible, on each shipment. All computer systems meet or exceed the minimum standard of 3.0 GhZ. If there are multiple brands in stock when your school name comes up on the list, you might get a choice.

C4K Background
Enabled with RCW 43.19.19191, the C4K program makes it possible to donate state-owned, surplus computers and computer-related equipment to any public school district or educational service district in Washington state. 

Equipment designated for C4K must meet the state’s minimum configuration standards. Configuration standards, and program and distribution guidelines were developed by staff at OSPI, the departments of Corrections and Enterprise Services, K-12 school districts and educational service districts.










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Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Lease Returns

Airway Heights Correctional Center List

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