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Full-Day Kindergarten Implementation Webinar
July 8, 2015

Excerpts from the Upcoming: Washington FDK Guide-Child Development | Washington FDK Guide - Learning Environment

The webinar was held to discuss how to design full-day kindergarten classrooms that are academically rigorous and developmentally appropriate.

Presentation: WMV | PPT | PDF | PPT Handouts | FDK Requirements

State-Funded Full-Day Kindergarten and WaKIDS Webinar
April 28, 2015

The webinar provided information useful to school district staff and school principals who may receive funding for state-funded full-day kindergarten and be implementing the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS), the state's kindergarten assessment.

Presentation: PPT | PDF | WMV

Family Engagement Webinar
March 2014

The webinar provided an opportunity for school district and elementary school early learning staff to explore how to increase their family engagement. Topics will include what family engagement is and how it makes a difference, available funding, successful models and what steps to take.

Webinar (WMV)
PowerPoint (PPT)
Handout (PDF)
P-3 Promising Practices - Right from the Start (PDF)
Resource List (PDF) (Word)

Expansion of the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP) Information and Input Webinar
February 2014

The Department of Early Learning and OSPI hosted a webinar to discuss the upcoming expansion of the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP). The purpose of the webinar was for ESDs, school districts, and community providers to learn about expansion opportunities, provide feedback, and ask questions about the upcoming Request for Applications.

Webinar (WMV)
PowerPoint (PPT)
Handouts (PDF)

Preschool K-20 Videoconference Call
January 2014

The Department of Early Learning, OSPI, and the Educational Service Districts hosted a K-20 video conference on expanding preschool opportunities for children within school districts.

The video conference provided an opportunity for school district staff and early learning providers to explore how school districts can support preschool providers in their communities and, when it makes sense, how school districts might expand preschool programs operated by their districts. The videoconference included examples of how school districts have supported community preschools, how districts have blended state and federal resources to operate preschools, and information about the availability of additional ECEAP slots beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

Videoconference (WMV)
Agenda (PDF)
PowerPoint Handout (PDF)
PowerPoint (PPT)
Potential Funding Sources for School District-operated Preschool Programs (PDF)
ESD 105 School District Preschools (PDF)
Pre-K Data by School District – December 2013 (Excel)



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