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ESDDistrict NameSchool NameDesignation
ESD 101Inchelium SDInchelium Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 101Inchelium SDInchelium Middle School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 101Spokane SDRogers High School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 101Wellpinit School DistrictWellpinit Middle School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 101Wellpinit SDWellpinit Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 105Grandview SDGrandview Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 105Granger SDGranger Middle School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Mount Adams SDHarrah Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Mount Adams SDMount Adams Middle School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Mount Adams SDWhite Swan High School**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 105Sunnyside SDSunnyside High School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 105Toppenish SDEagle High School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Toppenish SDValley View Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 105Wapato SDWapato Middle School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 105Yakima SDAdams Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 105Yakima SDBarge-Lincoln Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Yakima SDMartin Luther King Jr Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Yakima SDMckinley Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Yakima SDRobertson Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 105Yakima SDStanton Alternative School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 105Yakima SDWashington Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 112Longview SDMonticello Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 112Lyle SDLyle Middle School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 112Wishram SDWishram High and Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 113Morton SDMorton Junior-Senior High**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 113Oakville SDOakville High School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 113Onalaska SDOnalaska Middle School **Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 113Shelton SDChoice Alternative School*Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 113Taholah School DistrictTaholah Elementary and Middle School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 121Highline SDCascade Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Highline SDChinook Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Highline SDOdyssey - The Essential School**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 121Kent SDKent Phoenix Academy**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 121Renton SDLakeridge Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 121Seattle PSCleveland High School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Seattle PSHawthorne Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Seattle PSInteragency Programs**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 121Seattle PSMartin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 121Seattle PSRainier Beach High School**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 121Seattle PSWest Seattle Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Tacoma SDAngelo Giaudrone Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Tacoma SDFirst Creek Middle School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 121Tacoma SDJason Lee Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 121Tacoma SDRoosevelt Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 121Tacoma SDStewart Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 123Kennewick SDAmistad Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Kennewick SDEdison Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Kiona Benton SDKiona-Benton City Primary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Pasco SDEmerson Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Pasco SDLongfellow Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Pasco SDRowena Chess Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Pasco SDVirgie Robinson Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 123Pasco SDWhittier Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 171Brewster SDBrewster Junior High School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 171Bridgeport SDBridgeport Elementary School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 171Mansfield SDMansfield Elementary and High School*Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 171Moses Lake SDColumbia Basin Secondary School**Priority (Grad Rate)
ESD 171Nespelem SDNespelem Elementary School**Priority (Math/Reading)
ESD 171Soap Lake SDSoap Lake Middle & High School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 189Burlington-Edison SDWest View Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 189Marysville SDQuil Ceda Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C2)
ESD 189Marysville SDTotem Middle School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 189Marysville SDTulalip Elementary School**Priority (SIG-C1)
ESD 189Orcas Island SDOASIS K-12 School*Priority (Math/Reading)

* New designation for 2013–14
** Same designation as in 2012–13
SWD: Students with Disabilities (students receiving special education services)
ELL: English Language Learners
SIG–CI: School Improvement Grantees, Cohort I
SIG–C2: School Improvement Grantees, Cohort II


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