2014-15 Focus Schools
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ESDDistrict NameSchool Name2014-15
New Designation
for 2014-15
ESD 113AberdeenHarbor High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 113AberdeenMcDermoth Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 113AberdeenMiller Junior High SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 113AberdeenRobert Gray Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189ArlingtonWeston High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 121AuburnCascade Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 121AuburnRainier Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121BethelBethel Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121BethelCentennial Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121BethelChester H. Thompson Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121BethelCougar Mountain Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121BethelFrontier Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121BethelSpanaway ElementaryFocus (SWD)No
ESD 114BremertonRenaissance Alternative SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 171BrewsterBrewster Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 189Burlington-EdisonAllen Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 189Burlington-EdisonBurlington-Edison Alternative School Focus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 189Burlington-EdisonLucille Umbarger Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 171CashmereCashmere Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 112Castle RockCastle Rock Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 114Central KitsapFairview Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 113CentraliaOakview Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 123ClarkstonHighland Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121Clover ParkLakeview ElementaryFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121Clover ParkLochburn Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 105East Valley (YAK) East Valley ElementaryFocus (SWD)No
ESD 171EastmontClovis Point Intermediate SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 171EastmontEastmont Junior High SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 105EllensburgMt. Stuart Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 113ElmaEast Grays Harbor High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 121EnumclawEnumclaw Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171EphrataEphrata Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 171EphrataParkway SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 189EverettHawthorne Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189EverettNorth Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 112Evergreen (CLARK) Crestline Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112Evergreen (CLARK) Marrion Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 121FifeEndeavour Intermediate SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 121FifeSurprise Lake Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 123FinleyFinley Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 123FinleyFinley Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105GoldendaleGoldendale Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 105GrandviewMcClure Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105HighlandTieton Intermediate SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121HighlineBeverly Park Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121HighlineBow Lake Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121HighlineHilltop Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 121HighlineMadrona Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121HighlineMcMicken Heights Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121HighlineNew Start SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 121HighlinePacific Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121HighlineSylvester Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 121HighlineWhite Center Heights Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 113HoquiamHoquiam Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 112KelsoHuntington Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 112KelsoKelso High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 123KennewickHighlands Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 123KennewickHorse Heaven Hills Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 123KennewickPark Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 121KentCedar Valley Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121KentCovington Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121KentMeadow Ridge Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121KentMeeker Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121KentMeridian Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121KentMill Creek Middle School Focus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121KentScenic Hill Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121KentSpringbrook Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 123Kiona-BentonKiona-Benton City Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105KittitasKittitas High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112La CenterLa Center Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171Lake ChelanChelan Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 189Lake StevensNorth Lake Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112LongviewKessler Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 112LongviewMint Valley Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 112LongviewMt. Solo Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112LongviewNorthlake Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 112LongviewRobert Gray Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189LyndenLynden Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 189MarysvilleCedarcrest SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 189MarysvilleMarysville Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 101Medical LakeMedical Lake Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189MonroePark Place Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 113MontesanoMontesano Junior-Senior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171Moses LakeChief Moses Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171Moses LakeFrontier Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189Mount VernonLa Venture Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 189Mount VernonMount Baker Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 189MukilteoHorizon Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 105Naches ValleyNaches Valley Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 123North FranklinPalouse Junction High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 123North FranklinRobert L Olds Junior High SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 114North MasonHawkins Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112Ocean BeachIlwaco Middle/High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171OmakEast Omak Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171OmakOmak Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 123OthelloMcFarland Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 123PascoChiawana High SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 123PascoMcLoughlin Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 123PascoNew Horizons High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 123PascoPaso Senior High SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 114Port AngelesLincoln High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 123ProsserHousel Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 121PuyallupKarshner Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 171QuincyMonument Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171QuincyQuincy High Tech High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 171QuincyQuincy Junior High SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 121RentonDimmitt Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121RentonMcKnight Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121RentonNelsen Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121SeattleBailey Gatzert Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121SeattleSouth Lake High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 121SeattleSouth Shore K-8 SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105SelahSelah Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 114SequimSequim Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189SnohomishCathcart Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121Snoqualmie ValleyTwo Rivers SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 114South KitsapCedar Heights Junior High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121Steilacoom HistoricalPioneer Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 189SultanSultan Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121SumnerSumner Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 105SunnysideHarrison Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 105SunnysideOutlook Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105SunnysideSierra Vista Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121TacomaBaker Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 121TacomaBirney Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 121TacomaMann Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 121TacomaWhitman Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 113TeninoTenino Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 113ToledoToledo Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105ToppenishGarfield Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105ToppenishToppenish Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 121TukwilaShowalter Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 112VancouverDiscovery Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 112VancouverGaiser Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 112VancouverMcLoughlin Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 112VancouverWashington Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 105WahlukeSaddle Mountain Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 105WahlukeSentinel Tech Alt SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)Yes
ESD 123Walla WallaEdison Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 123Walla WallaGarrison Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 123Walla WallaPioneer Middle SchoolFocus (ELL)Yes
ESD 123Walla WallaSharpstein Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105WapatoCamas Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 105WapatoPace Alternative High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 171WardenWarden Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 101WellpinitWellpinit Alliance High SchoolFocus (Grad. Rate)No
ESD 171WenatcheeColumbia Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171WenatcheeFoothills Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 171WenatcheeMission View Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 171WenatcheeOrchard Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 171WenatcheePioneer Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105West Valley (Yak) West Valley Jr. High SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105West Valley (Yak) West Valley Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 112White Salmon ValleyWayne M Henkle Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)Yes
ESD 105YakimaDavis High SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 105YakimaFranklin Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 105YakimaGilbert Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)No
ESD 105YakimaHoover Elementary SchoolFocus (ELL)No
ESD 105YakimaLewis & Clark Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 105YakimaRidgeview Elementary SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105YakimaWilson Middle SchoolFocus (ELL, SWD)No
ESD 113YelmYelm Middle SchoolFocus (SWD)Yes
ESD 105ZillahZillah Intermediate SchoolFocus (SWD)No

Focus (Grad. Rate) - Schools with an Adjusted 5-Year Cohort Graduation Rate over 3 years that is less than 60%

Focus Subgroup - Bottom 10% of schools based on subgroup performance in Reading/Math (combined). These schools have an average proficiency rate in Reading/Math (combined) over 3 years that is less than or equal to 13.58% for at least one subgroup.

  • ELL = English Language Learners
  • SWD = Students with Disabilities (students receiving special education services)

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