Washington School Improvement Framework
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Washington School Improvement Framework

Released in March 2018, the Washington School Improvement Framework identifies how schools can improve the education of all students. The Framework combines as many as nine indicators (such as graduation rates, attendance, and proficiency on state tests in math and English language arts) into a 1-10 score. The school’s score then determines the state supports for the school to improve.

OSPI intentionally created the Framework so that individual schools can be quickly viewed. Since its release, we have received many requests for every school’s Framework data in a single spreadsheet.

We are happy to provide the spreadsheet. But want to caution you about the data. Please take a look at the documents we’ve created.

In particular, Comparing Schools in the Washington School Improvement Framework will help you understand the spreadsheet. It’s very important to note that school scores may be calculated using different indicators and different student populations.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Michaela Miller at Michaela.miller@k12.wa.us.


Washington School Improvement Framework (Excel)
How the Framework is created (video)
Press release on the Framework
WSIF Business Rules
How is Report Card Changing?

Framework Infographics:
Highlights and Key Updates
Display At-A-Glance (English)
Display At-A-Glance (Spanish)
Measures Score Assignments
Indicator Weighting
Missing Data

Measure Specific Infographics:
English Learner Progress
Regular Attendance
Ninth Graders On Track
Dual Credit Participation


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