Preparing for ELPA21 testing
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English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century

Preparing for ELPA21 testing

Annual Testing

Annual ELPA21 Training Slides (2018-19)

Timing Estimates for Washington 2017-18 Online Summative Assessment

Estimated testing time for ELPA21 for all four domains Kindergarten* Grade 1* Grade Band 2-3 Grade Band 4-5 Grade Band 6-8 Grade Band 9-12
76 Minutes69 Minutes95 Minutes108 Minutes151 Minutes173 Minutes
Estimated testing time for ELPA21 per domainKindergarten*Grade 1*Grade Band 2-3Grade Band 4-5Grade Band 6-8Grade Band 9-12
19 Minutes18 Minutes24 Minutes27 Minutes38 Minutes44 Minutes

These approximate times are for student work time only. Therefore, allow an additional 15-20 minutes for preparation, such as handing out testing tickets, setting up headphones, student log-in, reading directions, and other testing activities.

Student testing time can be affected by a number of factors including familiarity with the online computer testing environment, English proficiency, and other internal or external factors.

*Kindergarten and Grade 1 summative tests include a paper-pencil writing supplement that is estimated to take up to an additional 10 minutes.

Approximate amount of time for in-test instructions:
Time for instructions may vary by domain and grade level. Test administrators can plan for 5 minutes of in-test instructions at the beginning of each domain test, or 20 minutes of instructions for all four of the domains.

Number of domains that can be administered in a single session:
All domains can be administered in a single session. However, ELPA21 encourages test administrators to allow students to take a break between domains, to help prevent testing fatigue.

Maximum number of days over which a student can test:
There is no maximum number of days over which a student can test, as long as all four domains of the field test are completed during the testing window. Domains can be administered in separate sessions during the same day, or on different days entirely.

Practice/Training tests:
ELPA21 recommends allowing students as much time for practice as necessary for the student to become familiar with the technology skills they will need for the assessment. Generally, a 30-minute practice opportunity is sufficient for many students. Some students may need more time or multiple opportunities to practice.

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