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Comprehensive Literacy Plan Cover

Washington State Comprehensive Literacy Plan: Birth - Grade 12 (PDF)

The Comprehensive Literacy Plan is a resource for parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrators all along the birth to college and career continuum. The Plan is based on SAILS—a systems approach where literacy achievement for all students is expected. Like a sail harnessing a wind, the approach connects the efforts of all stakeholders to improve literacy outcomes.

Dyslexia Resource Guide

Washington State Dyslexia Resource Guide (PDF)

The Washington State Dyslexia Resource Guide provides guidance to schools and families in the realm of dyslexia, with three goals in mind: build an understanding of the term dyslexia; learn how to identify students with dyslexia; and support teachers and parents in educating students with dyslexia. Prepared by the Washington Branch of the International Dyslexia Association (WABIDA) in collaboration with the OSPI Reading Office, the guide is intended for administrators, educators and caregivers in making the best educational decisions for Washington students with dyslexia.

Order a print copy for $10 plus shipping. Quantities are limited. Contact info@WABIDA.org for ordering details.

English Language Arts: Menu of Best Practices & Strategies cover page

English Language Arts: Menu of Best Practices & Strategies (PDF)

The ELA menu targets two groups: LAP students in grades K–12 and all students in grades K–4. At the heart of the menu is a focus on accelerating student ELA performance. Districts providing LAP behavior services must use a practice or strategy from the ELA menu. Under certain conditions described in the OSPI guidelines, districts may use a practice not on the menu as long as data shows the practice is effective.

Early Learning Pathways document cover

Early Literacy Pathways (PDF)

The Early Literacy Pathways was created to support educators, caregivers and families in understanding and supporting Washington children’s development in literacy and beyond. This document will support and enhance the conversation of how best to support every child's future.

Legacy Documents

Reading Systems Professional Learning Resource Guide Cover

Reading Systems Professional Learning Resource Guide

Common Core Shifts Publication Cover

Resources to Support the Common Core Shifts

Transition Plans
While districts could determine their own plan for implementing the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, a three-year transition plan was provided.

Three-Year Transition Plan for English Language Arts

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