Comprehensive Literacy Plan Standards
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Comprehensive Literacy Plan


Enriching literacy outcomes in Washington State must begin with clear, consistent standards. Clear standards inform teaching and planning and maintain accountability.

Standards establish clear and consistent goals for learning aligned with expectations for college and career success. The goal is to ensure academic success for all students in reading, writing, speaking, and listening by building upon their language skills. Standards are critical in:

  • creating a common roadmap of support for a child or student success in and out of school while expanding the connections to the community;
  • enabling collaboration across and within development, grade level, and content areas;
  • aligning instructional materials and strategies to individual child and student needs;
  • leveraging assessment data to identify where instructional supplements and teacher training are needed.

Curriculum should be viewed as a tool to support the teaching of standards and to assist in the creation of high quality teaching and learning environments for all students. When strategies, instructional materials, students’ funds of knowledge, and assessments are aligned to standards, students reap the benefits of consistent, cohesive and sequential education.

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