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Comprehensive Literacy Plan


All the people in a child’s life play a role in their development and learning. Washington State’s Comprehensive Literacy Plan aims to support a community-wide approach to supporting and improving literacy outcomes.

State and District leaders

  • Understand the importance of early learning and the role of child development in reading and writing development
  • Commit guidance, support and resources to improve alignment, partnerships and pathways from birth to college and career

School Leaders and Principals

  • Understand the importance of school readiness and the processes, plans and support necessary for successful transitions for students
  • Champion a Culture of Literacy

Teachers across topic areas

  • Commit to system-wide literacy goals
  • Employ diverse instruction methods, including strategies for comprehension, accessing the text, and understanding difficult content-specific specialized vocabulary

Parents, families and caregivers

  • Have the knowledge and skills needed to promote optimal child health, development and early learning
  • Take an active interest in their child’s education and educational goals
  • Become active partners in governance and provide input to help shape policies and systems
  • Communicate the value and importance of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills with their children

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Reading at Risk

  • Data and information on why literacy is important


A Comprehensive K-3 Reading Assessment Plan: Guidance for School Leaders Center on Instruction

  • Detailed recommendations for implementation

Improving Literacy Instruction in Middle and High Schools: A Guide for Principals Center on Instruction

  • Identifies three goals for secondary school literacy initiatives and provides elements of instruction required to meet these goals
  • Outlines the critical elements of a school-level literacy action plan for schools implementing School Improvement Grants and/or College and Career Ready Standards (including Common Core State Standards)


The “Data Wise” Improvement Process: Eight steps for using test data to improve teaching and learning.

Public Education Leadership Project at Harvard University

  • Information on district-wide improvement strategies

Implementation Research: A Synthesis of the Literature

  • 2005 resource to assist with implementation change

Reading to Achieve: A Governor’s Guide to Adolescent Literacy

  • Outlines 5 Strategies for Governor’s and States to Improve adolescent literacy

RTI Implementation Processes for Middle Schools

  • Information Brief from National Center on RTI

RTI Essential Components Integrity Rubric

RTI Essential Components Integrity Worksheet

  • Provides a framework for collecting relevant information and for recording a school’s rating on various items related to implementation


The Common Core State Standards Communication Toolkit

Preparing for Change: A National Perspective on CCSS Implementation Planning

  • Survey of state planning activity around CCSS implementation.



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