Second Grade Reading Assessment
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Second Grade Reading Assessment

The Second Grade Reading Assessment Law (RCW.28A.300.320) mandates that every student in the state of Washington be assessed at the beginning of the second grade using a grade-level equivalent oral reading passage. Students whose performance is found to be “substantially below grade level” must be accorded an intervention plan that involves the student, parents, and school. Assessing reading comprehension is optional, but strongly recommended. Scores are not reported to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) but should be used by the teacher, school, and district to provide support for students who need help.

OSPI now uses the Universal Screening Tools Chart from the National Center for Response to Intervention (NCRTI) as a reference for selecting assessments. The current chart reflects results from four years of reviews. This list provides up-to-date information on assessments that are sent to the center for the quality of rating in addition to being valid, reliable and normed. The quality of rating varies among those reviewed. It is recommended that consumers review the assessment list and choose an assessment that meets the requirements and technical rigor of RCW 28A.300.320. In addition to the technical ratings, the chart provides information on implementation requirements for each assessment.

Teachers should administer the chosen assessment using publishers’ directions. The administration process and results will ensure that teachers, parents/guardians, and students will receive highly focused and useful information for increasing student achievement in reading.

View the screening tools chart and users guide. For more information see OSPI Bulletin 022-12.

Does the National Center for Response to Intervention (NCTRI) Screening Tools Chart replace OSPI's 2011 second grade approved reading assessment list?
No. The NCRTI Universal Screening Tools Chart referenced in OSPI Bulletin B022-12 is a guide for districts who do not have a current 2nd grade reading assessment in place or who are looking for a current review of existing assessments they may be using.

What if the assessment in my district has already been purchased or is not on either list?
The 2011 OSPI Second Grade Reading Assessment list is grandfathered in for state use. If the assessment your district has already purchased is not on either list you can contact the publisher and suggest they submit to the NCRTI panel for review. After the chosen assessments have been evaluated by the NCRTI, and documented on their screening chart, check that it meets the criteria of RCW 28A.300.320. It is important to remember that the NCRTI chart includes assessments that do and do not meet the requirements of the law.

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