Performance Indicator Analytics -- Frequently Asked Questions
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K-12 Data and Reports

Performance Indicator Analytics - Frequently Asked Questions

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) aligns agency goals with research-based performance indicators that lead to student success. Data and analytics have been prepared to help school districts identify opportunities to improve equity between student groups and learn from each other.

WHAT: Most performance indicator analytics use the district’s Comprehensive Education Data and Research System (CEDARS) submissions except for the following:

WHERE: The analytics can be accessed on the OSPI Data and Analytics web page*. Additional data and reports that support or complement the Performance Indicator Analytics are:

  • Raw data: To download raw data from which the Tableau analytics are built, follow these instructions.
  • Student level data: To access a student level data file for your district and schools that roll up into the Tableau analytics, follow these instructions for download from the EDS Washington Assessment Management System (WAMS).
  • Other data to support further analysis are also available in the OSPI State Report Card and Data Download files.

WHY: The data and visualizations in the analytics…

  • help districts understand their equity position within the state and comparison to other districts
  • allow for comparisons across student groups to identify disproportionality
  • provide a view to easily study performance over time
  • help identify district peers to learn from

HOW and WHO: If you have questions about the data or the analytics, here are some suggestions.

  • Each performance indicator analytic has an “Overview” tab. Check the notes, definition, and rules to better understand the data and how they were prepared.
  • Check with your district CEDARS administrator to confirm the data submitted for your district.
  • Further questions? Contact…

Questions about…


CEDARS Data Submission

Your District’s CEDARS Administrator

Data analytics or data discrepancies

Student Information, 360-725-4984

Performance Indicators

Susan Canaga, 360-725-4473


  • English Language Arts
  • Mathematics
  • Science

Aira Jackson, 360-725-6228
Arlene Crum, 360-725-6233
Ellen Ebert, 360-725-4962

Chronic Absenteeism

Krissy Johnson, 360-725-6045


Joshua Lynch, 360-725-4969

Dual Credit Programs

  • AP, IB, Cambridge, Tech Prep
  • College in the High School, Running Start

Barbara Dittrich, 360-725-6097
Jason Boatwright, 360-725-0436

Financial Aid for Postsecondary Learning

Danise Ackelson, 360-725-4967

Graduation Rates and 9th Grade Success

Kefi Andersen, 360-725-0429

High School Algebra Credit

Arlene Crum, 360-725-6233

Kindergarten Preparedness

Karma Hugo, 360-725-6153


Danise Ackelson, 360-725-4967

SAT/ACT earning college ready scores

Barbara Dittrich, 360-725-6097

*To access the Data and Analytics page from the home page of the OSPI website…

  • and click the green K-12 Data & Reports button on the bottom right
  • Click OSPI Performance Indicators





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