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Transforming Professional Learning

What People Are Saying About TPL

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Educators from across the state discuss their experience with the Transforming Professional Learning Project.

"We've found that teachers have been very excited about the work. The bottom line is they like that the professional learning is designed to support them and they like that they are part of system that's moving forward. They see the vision. They can understand how we're working together as a team and that really supports everyone's efforts in the school district." —Karin Manns, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment in Granite Falls School District

"Washington's Transforming Professional Learning (Project) has allowed our school district to be really laser focused in how we are going to provide opportunities for our learners who are our teachers, principals and our district office to be able to meet the needs of students. TPL affects kids every single day. They walk into an instructor who is a leader, who feels like a leader, is supported like a leader and has a network of support. We should have executive sponsorship from the legislature through the school board, through the superintendents down to the principals, instructional coaches to the teacher. If that work happens and it's aligned and it's for the benefit of children, then children will succeed in our schools. I truly believe that." —Krestin Bahr, Superintendent of the Eatonville School District

"What excites me about Transforming Professional Learning is that I don't do supporting teachers in a silo anymore. TPL allowed me to recruit stakeholders across our district to include teachers and administrators into the decision making process and then to be informed about professional leaning standards. That was fantastic. Then we knew we were taking more solid steps." —Louann Stalder, District Instructional Coach at Steilacoom School District

"I believe the way TPL is going to help students the most is it's going to give teachers a framework for what teachers need to be learning. That's going to impact student achievement because if we are reflecting and looking at our work and our learning and seeing where we have holes that's going to go back to actually directing in the classroom how you teach." —Wendi Kilga, 7th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher at Pioneer Middle School in Steilacoom School District

   Updated 3/29/2017

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