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Transforming Professional Learning

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Learning Forward's online courses provide access to in-depth learning on your own schedule. Dig deeply into core WA-TPL topics in professional learning through interactive presentations, videos, insights from leaders in the field, and more. Lots of great benefits

Learning Forward Online Courses

Learning Forward Online Courses

WA-TPL Framework

WA-TPL Framework

The Eatonville WA-TPL district team has served as critical friends in the first year of the project. Superintendent Krestin Bahr shared, “We have experienced great successes so far.” In year two they will transition to being a lab district with new critical friends from Rainier and Oakville.


Poster Session - June 23, 2015
Each WA-TPL laboratory district team and the project leadership team prepared posters at the invitation of Edie Harding, Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The posters serve as time stamps for each team's incremental efforts and were displayed at a reception at the B&MGF on June 23, 2015. They relied on a common template yet demonstrated the truly iterative and non-linear nature of the work that is happening in projects across the state.

Transforming Professional Learning (WA-TPL) Posters


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