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2015 HIV/Sexual Health Curriculum Review

2015 Sexual Health Ed Curriculum Report

2015 Sexual Health Ed Curriculum Report (PDF, 19 pages)


Product comparison for all rubrics - click on curriculum title for review summary
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Curriculum Accuracy Acceptability Fundamentals Standard 1 Standard 2-8 Review Rec Overall Average
Be Proud4.003.002.672.332.113.002.39
Choosing the Best Journey0.001.331.902.001.802.001.80
Choosing the Best Soul Mate0.001.331.902.001.802.001.80
Get Real HS4.003.253.573.333.504.003.53
Get Real MS4.003.673.293.503.213.003.27
Healthy Choices3.
It's All One3.002.502.252.502.382.752.38
Making Proud Choices1.002.673.102.672.483.002.67
Positive Prev +4.002.672.952.332.753.002.82
Real Essentials0.001.332.382.502.051.332.07
Teen Health1.003.253.433.
Overall Average2.552.642.822.592.522.752.62


Product Comparison for Curriculum Fundamentals - click on curriculum title for review summary
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Curriculum Curriculum Design Learning Objectives Teacher Guidance Instr Strat/Materials Tch Health Skills Student Assessment Promote Hlthy Norms Overall Average
Be Proud3.333.333.002.333.001.002.672.67
Choosing the Best Journey3.001.332.002.332.001.001.671.90
Choosing the Best Soul Mate3.001.332.002.332.001.001.671.90
Get Real HS3.673.673.333.673.333.334.003.57
Get Real MS3.003.503.
Healthy Choices3.332.672.333.003.333.673.003.05
It's All One3.
Making Proud Choices4.003.673.333.673.001.672.333.1
Positive Prev +3.673.673.332.333.002.672.002.95
Real Essentials2.672.002.332.332.672.002.672.38
Teen Health4.002.752.753.503.753.753.503.43
Overall Average3.352.942.792.912.912.182.622.82


Product Comparison for Standards 2-8 - click on curriculum title for review summary
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Curriculum Analyzing Influences Accessing Info Interpersonal Comm Decision-Making Goal Setting Self Management Advocacy Overall Average
Be Proud2.502.002.502.001.332.671.832.11
Choosing the Best Journey1.331.332.172.832.171.601.001.80
Choosing the Best Soul Mate1.331.332.172.832.171.601.001.80
Get Real HS3.833.503.673.832.333.833.503.50
Get Real MS3.003.503.503.502.003.503.503.21
HealthSmart 51.401.201.671.601.251.170.831.30
Healthy Choices2.501.833.503.171.833.502.672.71
It's All One2.751.002.882.751.712.503.002.38
Making Proud Choices2.171.332.832.833.333.171.672.48
Positive Prev +2.672.672.502.333.673.172.002.75
Real Essentials2.001.332.332.332.402.331.672.05
Teen Health3.382.883.253.133.383.253.253.21
Overall Average2.542.022.792.762.382.792.312.52


Supplemental Curricula

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