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Bridge to College Courses

About Bridge to College Courses

The Bridge to College courses for English language arts (ELA) and Mathematics are fourth-year (senior-level) courses designed for students scoring a Level 2 on the Smarter Balanced high school assessment (11th grade). Students who earn a “B” or better in the Bridge Course are eligible to enter credit-bearing coursework in any of the State of Washington Community and Technical Colleges.

The courses are grounded in essential career and college readiness expectations as reflected in the Washington State K-12 Learning Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics (the Common Core State Standards) to ensure that students passing the course are fully prepared for college-level coursework. The courses were developed by higher education faculty, high school teachers, and curriculum specialists from multiple colleges and school districts.

Schools commit to using the specified course with title and course code provided by OSPI for the courses being taught. The Bridge course code for ELA is #01069. The Bridge course code for mathematics is #02099.

Why Bridge Courses?

“The thinking process in this class helps you think in a way that will be valuable to you as you pursue further education. The class really allows students to engage in the material they wouldn’t be able to in a more traditional setting.”
Carolyn—Math Teacher

“The course gives students a lot of the writing, critical thinking, and analysis that they’ll use with any program they go into. It’s a rigorous course that gives students what they need to be successful in all other post high school endeavors.”
Michele—English Teacher

  • Increase student engagement in mathematics and ELA.
  • Save money in college by not having to enroll in remedial courses.
  • Deepen student understanding of crucial knowledge and skills needed to be successful in college.

Washington State Bridge to College Course Implementation

In 2016-2017, over 300 teachers in 149 high schools across Washington State taught the course, with roughly 6000 students using the course to prepare for college success.

OSPI, in partnership with State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) with funding from College Spark Washington, supports implementation of the Bridge to College Mathematics and English courses through a formal structure of professional learning and networking. All new teachers participate in a two-day summer workshop and two additional days during the school year in order to be eligible to teach the course. In addition, all Bridge to College teachers have opportunities to collaborate and learn together in "Communities of Practice", which meet regionally 3 times during the course of the school year.

Applications for the 2017-18 school year are now being accepted through iGrants Form Package 719 (Fiscal Period 16–17). Information regarding 2017-2018 Funding Allocation.

For more information about the Bridge to College Initiative and courses:
English Course Information, 2016-17
Mathematics Course Information, 2016-17 | Mathematics Course Materials

The District and School Assurances provide information about the funding for the course, as well as the required commitments from both the school and the district.

Higher Education Placement Agreements
WA Community and Technical Colleges
WA Baccalaureate Institutions

Parent Letters for students selected for the Bridge courses:

Resources that provide more information about course implementation:


What's New!

Applications for Bridge to College funding now available for 2017–18 through iGrants Form Package 719 (Fiscal Period 16–17).

Bridge to College Grantee Webinar
Purpose: All teachers and administrators who are registered and/or considering participating in Bridge to College in 2017–18 are invited to learn more about the curriculum and professional development opportunities.

College Readiness Resources

2017-2018 Funding Allocations
New and Returning Teachers

Bridge to College Initiative Website

  • For Students, Parents/Guardians
  • Student and Teacher Videos
  • Why Take the Bridge to College Course?

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