Bridge to College Mathematics Course Materials
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Bridge to College Mathematics Course Materials

The Washington State Bridge to College Mathematics course is adapted primarily from the excellent Math Ready materials created by the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB). We express our gratitude to SREB for their work on the transitioning to college and career readiness courses, without which Bridge to College Mathematics would not be possible.

These instructional materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License and are available for use by all educators. We encourage teachers to use all or part of the course to support instruction in high school that engages students in complex, meaningful learning that will prepare them for the college and career challenges they face immediately after high school.

In order to use these materials as an Assessment Alternative districts may register the course as an LDC by completing a course assurance and administering the COE Local Tasks. If the teacher participates in the Bridge to College year-long professional learning program the course may be listed using the official course code and will qualify for Assessment Alternative if Units 0-7 are taught in their entirety.

In order for a Bridge to College student to be eligible for the College Placement Agreement,the teacher must participate in the year-long professional learning program, the course must include Units 0-7 (Unit 8 is optional), and the student must earn Bs in the course.

Thematic Units

Unit 0: Building a Culture of Learning

Unit 1: Algebraic Expressions

Unit 2: Equations

Unit 3: Measurement and Proportional Reasoning

Unit 4: Linear Functions

Unit 5: Linear Systems of Equations

Unit 6: Exponential Functions

Unit 7: Quadratic Functions

Unit 8: Summarizing and Interpreting Statistical Data

Disclaimer: Only teachers who participate in the Bridge to College year-long professional learning program are eligible to teach the Bridge to College Math course using the official course code. For more information about the teacher professional learning program and the college placement agreement available to students visit the OSPI Bridge to College page.

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