Computer Science K-12 Learning Standards
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Shannon Thissen
Computer Science Program Supervisor

  Computer Science

Computer Science K-12 Learning Standards

Effective and relevant computer science education is essential to achieving our vision that “every student is ready for college, career, and life.” While attention to computer science education has increased in recent years, a lack of awareness about its content and potential impact is widespread. The Washington State Computer Science K–12 Learning Standards are designed to enhance teacher understanding and improve student learning so that students are better equipped for college, career, and life.

Washington is committed to implementing high-quality computer science instruction to:

  • Increase the opportunity for all students to gain knowledge of computer science.
  • Introduce the fundamental concepts and applications of computer science to all students, beginning at the elementary school level.
  • Make computer science at the secondary level accessible, worthy of a computer science credit, and/or equivalent to math and science courses as a required graduation credit (see Level 3B of computer science standards).
  • Offer additional secondary-level computer science instruction that allows interested students to study facets of computer science in depth and prepare them for entry into a career or college.

Learning standards (also known as essential academic learning requirements or EALRs) describe what students need to know and be able to do. Standards are worded broadly to allow flexibility at the district, building, and classroom levels.

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Computer Science K-12 Learning Standards  | PDF, 36 pages

Glossary | PDF
Final Bill Report SHB1813 (PDF)

Computer Science Standards Cover

By Grade Bands
Grade K-2 | PDF
Grade 3-5 | PDF
Grade 6-8 | PDF
Grade 9-10 | PDF
Grade 11-12 | PDF

By Concepts
Algorithms and Programming | PDF
Computing Systems | PDF
Data and Analysis | PDF
Impacts of Computing | PDF
Networks and the Internet | PDF

Grade K-2 | PDF
Grade 3-5 | PDF
Grade 6-8 | PDF
Grade 9-10 | PDF
All Grades K-10 | PDF

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