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Shannon Thissen
Computer Science Program Supervisor

  Computer Science

Laws and Regulations

(related to Computer Science Education in Washington)


2018 Legislative Session: SB6136

Title: AP computer science as math
Sponsors: Senators Rolfes, Zeiger, Wellman, and Hasegawa

Bill Information

Removes the requirement for Algebra II/Integrated III to be taken before or concurrently with an AP Computer Science course to count as a math credit.

In Section 1 regarding career and technical high school course equivalencies (RCW 28A.230.097), the language has been removed that required students either to have taken Algebra II as a prerequisite or to take Algebra II concurrently with Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science as a 3rd year Math credit.

Impact on School Districts: Districts will have the choice to offer AP Computer Science as a 3rd year Math credit without the requirement to assure that students have taken Algebra II or are taking Algebra II concurrently with the AP Computer Science class. Algebra II is not a requirement for AP Computer Science as designated by the College Board. This change will open AP Computer Science courses to students who do not have Algebra II in their High School & Beyond plan or cannot fit unrequired prerequisites for AP Computer Science into their schedule. More students will be able to participate in computer science courses, expanding opportunities for all students. Students in computer science pathways should be counseled that Algebra II must be taken for college entrance, and that Algebra II and beyond math courses will prepare them for a college computer science program.

Implementation Date: June 7, 2018

RCWs: RCW 28A.230.097

Relevant RCW specific to all standards:

28A.150.210: Basic Education Act identifies 4 basic education goals; directs districts to provide opportunities for every student to develop the knowledge and skills essential to accomplish the goals

28A.300.040 : In addition to any other powers and duties as provided by law, the powers and duties of the superintendent of public instruction

28A.150.220 : Directs districts to provide instruction in the essential academic learning requirements

Relevant RCW specific to Computer Science:

SHB 1813 : Directs adoption of computer science learning standards developed by a nationally recognized computer science education organization.

SHB 1813 : PESB must also develop standards for a K–12 Computer Science Endorsement, which must facilitate dual endorsement in computer science and mathematics, science, or another related high-demand endorsement. Computer Science (all levels) 2016

RCW 28A.230.097 : Each high school or school district board of directors shall adopt course equivalencies for career and technical high school courses offered to students in high schools and skill centers.

SHB 1472 : School districts must approve AP Computer Science as equivalent to a high school mathematics or science course.

ESHB 1570 : Expanded the definition of shortage area to include mathematics, science, special education, bilingual education, English language learner (ELL), computer science education, or environmental and sustainability education.

Computer Science Grants

The 2015 Legislative Session Budget Details: K–12 Enhancements
—$2.0 million Funding is provided for the Computer Science and Education Grant program to support: the training and credentialing of teachers in computer sciences; the provision and upgrading of technology needed to learn computer science; and Computer Science Frontiers Grants to introduce students to and engage them in computer science.

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