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Washington State High School Artists Honored
State Supt. Dorn announces annual Art Show winners

OLYMPIA — May 2, 2016 — The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) today announced the winners of the 43rd Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show.

Winners will be honored at an event co-sponsored by OSPI and the Washington Art Education Association (WAEA), on May 20, 1-3 p.m., at the OSPI building in Olympia. It will celebrate the high school artists whose work was selected for statewide competition as regional winners in their Educational Service District (ESD) shows across the state this spring.

Dorn believes the arts are essential. “I’m consistently impressed by the quality of the work we see at the art show every year,” Dorn said. “The arts are an important part of developing the whole child. We must make sure students have access to the kind of experiences that help them develop all their skills.”

In addition to OSPI, WAEA, and the Governor’s Choice, five organizations chose winners: State Board of Education (SBE), Professional Educators Standards Board (PESB), Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA), Washington State School Directors’ Association (WSSDA), and Association of Washington School Principals (AWSP). These groups will pay the artists $200, each, to purchase their award-winning artwork for their permanent collections. This year’s six Judges’ Choice Awards were selected by a panel of 15 judges. The artists who win these awards also receive $200, each, and their artwork will be kept in OSPI’s permanent collection.

  • Jake Thompson, “Interstellar” | Superintendent’s Award
    Union High School (Teacher: Sean Morrison), ESD 112
  • Isa Bekker, “Lovely Lupin” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Wentachee High School (Teacher: Don Collins), ESD 171
  • Sarah Didericksen, “Beauty on Fire” | WASA Award
    Hanford High School (Teacher: Jeff Rader), ESD 123
  • Lauren Kordas, “Little Angel” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Blaine High School (Teacher: Brian Smith), ESD 189
  • Alana Acosta, “Depixed” | Governor’s Choice Award
    Oak Harbor High School (Teacher: Kit Christopherson), ESD 189
  • Emily Burns, “American Dream” | WSSDA Award
    Bellevue High School (Teacher: Debby Nixon), ESD 121
  • Eric Arroyo, “Zig Zag” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Okanogan High School (Teacher: Dan Brown), ESD 171
  • Sydney Anderson, “Unity” | Professional Educator Standards Board Award
    Okanogan High School (Teacher: Dan Brown), ESD 171
  • Savanna Judd, “Butcher Shop” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Lewis & Clark High School (Teacher: Bridgid Kardong), ESD 101
  • Dharma Myers, “Bad Wolf” | AWSP Award
    Shadle Park High School (Teacher: Carrie Stroud), ESD 101
  • Nate Gee, “3 Forms” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Kamiakin High School (Teacher: Victoria Gravenslund), ESD 123
  • Abigail DeFever, “Charlie” | OSPI Staff Award
    Richland High School (Teacher: Robert McMinn), ESD 123
  • Sydney Holiday, “Hope” | Judges’ Choice Award
    Ferris High School (Teacher: Mike McLauchlin), ESD 101
  • Ashley Fullmer, “Horsehair” | SBE Award
    Kamiakin High School (Teacher: Victoria Gravenslund), ESD 123
  • Chan Ha Kim, “One Starry Night” | WAEA Tribute Award*
    Henry M. Jackson High School (Teacher: Rick Wigre), ESD 189

Honorable Mention Award recipients

  • Kindra Smith, “Patient 220” | Honorable Mention Award
    Kingston High School (Teacher: James Andrews), ESD 114
  • Rowan Post, “The Swing” | Honorable Mention Award
    Liberty Bell High School (Teacher: Robin Nelson Wicks), ESD 171
  • Kisten Ruff, “Kyunsoo” | Honorable Mention Award
    Southridge High School (Teacher: Corrine Lechelt), ESD 123
  • Kristen Ruff, “Amelie” | Honorable Mention Award
    Southridge High School (Teacher: Corrine Lechelt), ESD 123
  • Maria Schaljo, “Submerged” | Honorable Mention Award
    Vancouver School of Arts & Academics (Teacher: Crystal Zeller), ESD 112
  • Meribel Solano Alcántara, “Homeless” | Honorable Mention Award
    Eisenhower High School (Teacher: Lance Johnson), ESD 105
  • Natalie Farness, “The Unsung Hero” | Honorable Mention Award
    Vancouver School of Arts & Academics (Teacher: Crystal Zeller), ESD 112
  • Andros Acevedo, “Shadows” | Honorable Mention Award
    Richland High School (Teacher: Shawn Murphy), ESD 123
  • Christopher Fornes, “Rocket Trip” | Honorable Mention Award
    North Thurston High School (Teacher: Sara Foppiano), ESD 113
  • Heidi Shepard, “Spirit of Restlessness” | Honorable Mention Award
    Kentlake High School (Teacher: Ruth Appleby), ESD 121

* Every year, the WAEA chooses their winning piece to honor their “Tribute Award” winner. This award is given to outstanding arts educators, arts advocates and businesses nominated by the WAEA membership. This year’s Tribute Award winner is Faye Scannell, retired art teacher from Bellevue Public Schools.

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