2013 Legislative Agenda
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2013 Legislative Agenda

In light of the January 2012 state Supreme Court’s McCleary v. Washington decision, Randy Dorn will spend much of the 2013 legislative session pushing the state to meet its Constitutional obligation to fully fund basic education. He will also focus on streamlining the state assessment system and increasing funding for dropout prevention, data coaching, and English Language Arts coordinators.

Following is a list of budget requests Dorn has made for the 2013-15 biennium.

Fully Fund Basic Education
Biennial Total: $4.109 billion
To fulfill the requirements of SHB 2776, and for basic education salaries and staffing levels to be paid for with state resources.
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Teacher Evaluation and District Student Growth Training
Biennial Total: $30.212 million
To train every teacher in the new Teacher/Principal Evaluation system.
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Student Support for Academic Success: Dropout Prevention, Intervention, and Reengagement
Biennial Total: $18.350 million
To create a statewide collective impact structure and increase high school dropout prevention, intervention and reengagement efforts.
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K–12 Statewide Longitudinal Data System
Biennial Total: $1.174 million
To maintain and operate the K–12 Statewide Longitudinal Data System, which uses data to increase student performance, better understand the state’s public educator workforce, and provide information on areas within the education system that need improvement.
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WaKIDS Assessment Training
Biennial Total: $2.650 million
To train all kindergarten teachers in the Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills Assessment in August 2013.
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English Language Arts Regional Coordinators
Biennial Total: $2.570 million
For a coordinated regional system to support strong teaching and learning in English Language Arts.
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Data Driven Decisions
Biennial Total: $4.512 million
For the development and operation of a system that trains educators on how to use data to improve instruction.
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Statewide Support and Accountability
Biennial Total: $6.395 million
To restore OSPI’s central administration funding to $12 million to enable adequate supervision of matters pertaining to public schools, and to create a guaranteed allocation for state administration distributed through the school funding formula.

Caseload Adjustment
Biennial Total: $725.098 million
Annual adjustments made to the K–12 system budget to account for changes in the forecasted levels of student enrollments, inflation factors, and salary calculations.

CTE Technical Correction
Biennial Total: $18.900 million
The current funding rates for other certificated instructional staff, which refers to nurses, librarians, counselors, social workers and psychologists, were not determined using new funding formulas. The allocation, according to state law, should be 4.25 staff per 1,000 full-time students.

Healthy Youth Survey
Biennial Total: $300,000
A joint request with Division of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and Washington State Department of Health (DOH) to conduct the Healthy Youth Surveys in 2013–2015.

Federal Appropriation Authority Adjustment
Biennial Total: $19.629 million
To increase the federal expenditure authority for the 2013–2015 biennium, which “right sizes” the federal appropriation to match expected expenditures.

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