Washington Smarter Lunchrooms Toolkit
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Child Nutrition

Washington Smarter Lunchrooms

A Smarter Lunchroom nudges students to make healthier choices when provided with the full spectrum of choice. These “nudges” are research-based concepts identified by the Cornell BEN Center.

With support from Team Nutrition Grants, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) has created Smarter Lunchrooms and Smarter Mealtimes in Washington schools and child care programs. Using feedback gathered from school professionals and child care providers, a Smarter Lunchrooms Toolkit and Smarter Mealtimes Toolkit were created.

Want to create a Smarter Lunchroom?
The Washington Smarter Lunchrooms Toolkit is now available to download! Make the creation of your Smarter Lunchroom even easier with these helpful tips and tools. Download a copy of the toolkit and supplemental materials for free today!

Supplemental Toolkit Materials:

Smarter Mealtimes
Smarter Lunchrooms has been adapted for child care.

The Smarter Mealtimes Toolkit will help your team create healthier mealtimes in child care and summer feeding programs.

You can download these free Smarter Mealtimes tools on the national Smarter Mealtimes website.


School Nutrition Programs

Team Nutrition Grant Coordinator
Bianca Smith
(360) 725-6057

Mailing Address:
OSPI Child Nutrition Services
234 8th Ave SE
PO Box 47200
Olympia, WA 98504-7200


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