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Important: Information regarding Washington state certification renewal for NBCT candidates >>>

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WA State Conditional Loan Repayment

Newly Certified NBCTs
If you received a WA state conditional loan, per the terms of the promissory note that you signed, the conditional loan is repaid from your first bonus check, pending legislative appropriations. If unfortunately funds are not appropriated through legislation or you do not meet the National Board teacher bonus eligibility criteria, you are placed in a four year repayment plan with a minimum monthly payment of $50. OSPI will do our best to communicate with your district office that the loan is to be repaid from your first bonus check, however it would might be beneficial for you to notify your District Office of your loan status as well.

Retake Candidates
Per the terms of the promissory note that you signed you have three years to attempt certification before you are required to repay the conditional loan that was awarded from the state. If you achieve certification within those three years the loan will be repaid from your first bonus check. If unfortunately you do not certify within those three years or you choose not to continue with the certification process, you are placed in a four year repayment plan with a minimum monthly payment of $50.

Retake Funding
Our office does not anticipate receiving funding for retake candidates. If that changes and we have further information on retake funding, we will send out an email to all potential retake candidates.

NBCT Bonus
OSPI does our best to communicate with your district office regarding National Board bonus payments. However, it is always beneficial to inform your district that you are a NBCT (especially if you have moved districts, changed your name, etc... since you last received a bonus or since your candidacy).

OSPI will send out an official communication to all districts in late December with information about processing bonuses. Our office will work directly with district offices to begin gathering NBCT bonus information in late January via the iGrants system.

Per the 2011 Legislative session, bonuses are now sent to districts with the July apportionment (this means you will probably not receive your bonus until your August or September paycheck). First year NBCTs also receive 60% of the bonus for the first year only. Bonuses are paid in one lump sum. The current bonus amount is $3,054 for newly certified 2014 NBCTs with up to an additional $3,000 if teaching in a challenging school. The current bonus amount for NBCTs that certified prior to 2013 is $5,090 with up to an additional $5,000 if teaching in a challenging school.

Regional Coordinators and Communication
OSPI has 10 NBCT part-time Regional Coordinators to support the program. The Regional Coordinator in your area will be sending out an email in early January to all new NBCTs in their region.

Find out who your regional coordinator is and more information about National Board.

WA State Teaching Certificate and Your NBPTS Certificate
Attaining your National Board Certification provides you with many incentives; however you are still responsible for maintaining your Washington State Teaching Certificate. (This means downloading and completing the necessary paperwork and submitting the paperwork and any corresponding fees to your local ESD). Typically, your NBPTS certificate is mailed in the month of February. They indicate a time on the “my profile” section of their website. You can log back into your “my profile” to read more about receiving your NBPTS certificate.

More information on your WA State Teaching Certificate.

Clock hours and updating contact information
Our office will be working on the NBCT clock hours for those of you that recently certified. These 45 clock hours, offered by the state, will be mailed out over the next three weeks. It is critical that we have the most current contact information for every NBCT!

Please update your contact information. In order to ensure information is disseminated in the best way possible, please keep us informed if you change email or any other contact information.


   Updated 11/12/2014

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