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Important: Information regarding Washington state certification renewal for NBCT candidates >>>

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced a revised certification process beginning in 2014-15. There are many details to be worked out by NBPTS. OSPI will continue to update you as information becomes available.


What won’t change?
NBCT Bonus – Washington’s budget language for paying the NBCT bonus and the challenging schools bonus remains intact, providing there are no legislative changes.

Conditional Loans – Washington’s revolving loan fund is stable. Conditional loans for new candidates are funded as current loan recipients repay their loan. A fourth and final round of conditional loans is available October 1, 2013 through 5:00pm on October 31, 2013.

WA State Certification – A revision to the National Board process does NOT mean a revision to the WA state certification process. As always, it is a teacher’s responsibility to maintain their WA state teaching certificate. We encourage all candidates to check the expiration date of their current teaching certificate and if revisions to the NB certification process will affect potential plans to maintaining their WA teaching certificate. 

Current PESB policy allows for a residency certificate holder to renew their WA teaching certificate upon indicating their intent to complete the ProTeach program or upon completion of the National Board process. With the upcoming revisions to the National Board process, a candidate will not have the option to fully complete the process until 2017. It is very important for residency certificate holders to see if this will impact their certification as they will NOT have the option to renew their WA state certificate based on National Board completion until 2017 at the earliest. National Board candidates that enroll in the process prior to December 31, 2013 will have the option to fully complete the process by June 2014.

Timeline for Revisions to the National Board Certification Process
In 2014, NBPTS will begin rolling out changes to the certification process, with the first two components expected in the 2014-15 school year.

Revision Timeline by Cycle

Year 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17

Field test of assessment revisions

Component 1: Assessment Center

Component 3: Video Portfolio

Component 4: Impact and Accomplishments Portfolio


National Board First-Time Candidates

Take current assessment

Take revised assessment: Components 1 and 2 available (except CTE)

Take revised assessment: Components 1, 2, & 3 available (including CTE)

Take revised assessment: All components available

Retakes under the current process

For 2011-12 retake & 2012-13 first-time retake candidates

For 2012-13 retake & 2013-14 first-time retake candidates

For 2013-14 retake candidates


Retakes under the revised process



For 2014-15 first-time retake candidates

For 2014-15 retake & 2015-16 first-time retake candidates

Take One!

Available (but not bankable)





Current assessment

Current assessment

Current assessment

Proposed new assessment

National Board 3.0 Field Testing
NBPTS is seeking PreK-12 teachers, both NBCTs and those who are not Board-certified, to voluntarily participate in the field tests for the components of the revised NBPTS process. Field testing will occur over the next couple of years, starting first in 2014 with a focus on the Content Knowledge component. The NBPTS website has recently been updated to reflect new information, including a link to the field test application.

Will the process change for current candidates?
No. The process will not change for candidates who submit a portfolio during the 2013-14 school year, including the retake cycle. If you are a first-year or second0year retake candidate in 2014-15, you will continue under the current NB 2.0 process.

How does this affect Take One! participants?
After this year, Take One! will be discontinued. Take One! was designed as a professional development opportunity and consequently allowed someone to break the process into smaller chunks; all candidates will have that option with NB 3.0.

IMPORTANT: Take One! Candidates who had planned to “bank” their 2013-14 score for the future will not be able to do so. Knowing scores from 2013-14 will not carry into NB 3.0, each Take One! Candidate should consider whether changing to full candidacy in 2013-14 is beneficial to his/her professional plans.

2013–14 Take One! participants have three options:

  1. Continue with Take One! – if you have chosen the Take One! process solely as a professional development opportunity or as an introduction to the Five Core Propositions, Standards, or reflective practice you are welcome to complete the Take One! process with the understanding that any score received cannot transfer to full candidacy.
  2. Convert your candidacy to full National Board Certification as a 2013–14 candidate – You will need to fully withdraw from the Take One! process and re-register as a full candidate. Any fees paid to NBPTS will be transferred to your new account to cover the initial payment as a full candidate (if fees were paid by a third party, the participant will need the consent of the third party to transfer the fees). If necessary, up to two years as a retake candidate will also be available to 2013-14 candidates under the current NB 2.0 process. Any 2013–14 Take One! participant that would like to convert their candidacy to full candidacy for the 2013–14 candidate cycle has the option to receive a WA state conditional loan.
  3. Withdraw from Take One! – if you do not wish to complete the Take One! process or switch your candidacy to full certification you have the option of completely withdrawing from the Take One! process. If you choose withdraw from the Take One! process will receive a full refund from NBPTS.


Questions about the National Board certification process, technical questions about withdrawing or switching candidacy:
NBPTS Customer Support

Questions regarding state policy, conditional loan funding:
OSPI National Board Office
carrie.dubuque@k12.wa.us or jeanne.harmon@k12.wa.us

Questions regarding WA state teaching certificates:
WA State Certification Office


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