Frequently Asked Questions: Conditional Loan Program
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Frequently Asked Questions: Conditional Loan Program

How does the conditional loan program work?
The program creates a much more stable and reliable system for funding candidates through the NBPTS process. Applicants who qualify for the conditional loan will receive the $2,000 (candidates are still required to pay the initial $565 to the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards) to start the National Board process. Candidates receiving the upfront conditional loan will then have that $2,000 taken out of their first bonus check upon certification. If a conditional loan recipient fails to certify after three years, or withdraws from the process they will be required to repay the conditional loan to the state. This addition to the program will allow more candidates to make the step toward National Board Certification.

Will I have to reapply for the conditional loan if I applied in the first round?
No, applicants will not have to do the first part of the application again (personal information and essays). However, there will be a new section added to the application that you will need to complete regarding the conditional loan. We will email all applicants notifying them when the conditional loan application is available.

Will you have a third round?
At this point, OSPI does not plan to run a third round for the OSPI NBPTS conditional loan application.

Can the OSPI conditional loan be less than $2,000?
At this point, the conditional loan is set at $2,000. If districts or other forms of funding become available to candidates we strongly suggest that additional funding be used to offset the costs of year-long district/university facilitation and the costs incurred by attending WEA's Jumpstart and Homestretch programs. Please see our flyer to contact a university support program. Districts that currently have in-district programs will also be included on our Web site soon.

Will the conditional loan be given directly to the teacher?
No, according to the legislation, the conditional loan must be used to pay for the National Board Certification fee. It will be processed from OSPI directly to National Board. This will ensure that the candidate will not incur any taxes involved in receiving such a loan and the loan will be interest free.

Why are we moving away from scholarships to the conditional loan program?
There are several reasons this new program is a positive step. First, the federal funding for National Board Certification is an unstable funding source and would have shrunk considerably in subsequent years. Second, the federal funding from NBPTS can only be used once per candidate (either for first time full candidates or for retakes). This conditional loan allows OSPI to use future federal funds to support retake candidates. The past couple of years we have been unable to do this and this funding will allow us to support candidates needing retakes to certify. Lastly, this conditional loan program stabilizes the bonus and allows more equitable access to National Board Certification.

I cannot upload my letter of support from my principal. Can you help me?
Try these tips:

  • If you are on a Mac please remember to download the most recent software for your browser.
  • Do not have any punctuation in your title except for the automatic .doc or .pdf
  • Do not make the title too long. Simply use your last name and no punctuation.

I can’t remember my password for my EDS account?
Please remember to keep a record of your entire log in information for the scholarship. You will be using this account to not only apply, but also check your status of the scholarship throughout the process. If you lose your account information please use the following steps to retrieve it.

  • There is process for retrieving/changing your EDS password within the EDS system. Please use that system first.
  • In each district there is a security officer who will be able to help you in creating a new password.
  • Finally, our customer support office at OSPI can help you with your EDS password. (360) 725-6371 or (800) 725-4311.


   Updated 4/16/2014

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