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Helping Your Child Get Better Grades

Make homework a snap!

School resources – Kids can use their school districts telephone hotline or internet chat room to receive academic pointers after school hours.

Teacher Advice – Writing your child’s teacher a note or e-mail asking for additional assistance for assignments is free and often a forgotten resource.

Do homework together – Lead by example by sitting down with your child and do your “adult” homework (i.e. bills, grocery list) while your child sits down to study or do school work.

Review Assignments – Show interest in your child’s completed homework assignments.

Helping your child succeed can be fun!

Time together – 90% of a child’s time is not in the classroom. Sharing fun learning experiences can be a meaningful experience (i.e. playing monopoly, watching history channel, taking a nature walk).

Smart Bedtimes – When the brain is tired memory, recall and problem-solving skills all drop off. Children need nine to ten hours of sleep a night.

Low to no cost tutoring!

Family and Friends – Pick up the phone and call your family members and friends. Grandpa could be a math whiz or your cousin could have a knack for chemistry. You could always bring over treats or dinner if you feel like it’s an imposition.

Community Volunteers – Civic group members, like AARP, or Rotary Clubs often volunteer in schools. Your child’s school may also have a list of community helpers that would love to tutor your child.

Fellow Students – A top student may want to help a struggling classmate. Children from upper grades may also want to volunteer their time to younger students.

Adapted from the October 27, 2008 edition of Woman’s World

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