Thinking Steps for Lesson Planning
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Thinking Steps for Lesson Planning

Lesson Objective: What do I want students to know and/or be able to do by the end of this lesson?

  • How will they prove that they have achieved this objective?
  • How will I communicate the objective to them, or is it important for this lesson that they discover that for themselves?

Focus: How will I achieve student focus at the beginning of my lesson?
  • Will I use an anticipatory set (an opportunity for all learners to bring to mind what they already know about the new learning)?
  • Will I use some other means to focus student attention on the learning? (novelty, discrepant event, etc.)

Value: What is the rationale for the learning objective? How and when will I share this with students?

Input: How will students learn the new knowledge and skills?
  • Will they read about it? See a model or videotape? Hear about it from me, from a guest speaker, from another student?
  • How will I involve students actively in this process? (See “Active Participation Techniques.”)

Check for Understanding (Monitoring): How will I know that all students have met the objective? (See “Monitoring Student Learning”)
  • How will I elicit an observable behavior from all students that proves the lesson objective, so that I can make an informed decision about what to do next?
  • How will I observe this – from each student?

Adjust: What will I do for students who are having trouble with the learning? Will I:
  • tutor them individually,
  • have an educational assistant work with them,
  • pair them up with students who met the objective, or
  • put them in a group and work with them together?
  • Do I have supplementary materials that may make reteaching easier or more effective?

  • Is this a skill or a body of knowledge that needs practice? How will I provide for that?
  • Have I monitored all students before providing practice, so that no one is practicing incorrectly?
  • Have I noted in my plan book to be sure to come back to this learning later in the year to reinforce it?

Closure: What is a way to have all students reflect on the learning they have done in this lesson?

Materials: What materials and audiovisual equipment do I need for this lesson?

Student Set-Up:
  • What do students need to have ready?
  • How will I have them seated?
  • If they will be working in groups, how will those groups be formed? How will I ensure that all group members participate?

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