Preparing for a Substitute
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Beginning Educator Support Team

Preparing for a Substitute

Put together a “Substitute Teacher Folder” that includes the following items:

  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Bell and class schedules
  • Student seating charts for every class and/or period (teachers may want to consider using student photographs in their seating charts)
  • Classroom rules
  • Teacher duty schedules
  • Map of the school
  • Written procedures to follow in emergencies and disaster drills
  • A list that identifies students who participate in educational "pull-out" programs and the times
  • A list of students who have special medical needs
  • A list of students who can be relied upon to help the substitute teacher
  • Identification of students with special needs and effective instructional strategies to use when working with these students
  • A written description of where classroom materials, books, and audio-visual materials are located
  • Assembly instructions
  • Special procedures used at the school, such as walking students to and from the playground, buses, etc.
  • A copy of the student computer use agreement and a list of students approved to use the Internet
  • A roster of volunteers, times that they are expected, and any volunteer instructions
  • Any special directions or instructions that the classroom teacher feels would be beneficial to a substitute teacher


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