Mentor Professional Development
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Beginning Educator Support Team

Mentor Professional Development

Just as the quality of instruction that students receive has a tremendous impact on their performance, the quality of mentoring that new teachers receive can significantly influence their development. OSPI is committed to supporting district new teacher induction programs with high quality, on-going professional development for mentors. The following resources are available:

OSPI Mentor Academy I
Generally offered during the summer, Mentor Academy I provides an intensive, four-day session that addresses:

  • New teacher development
  • Coaching, collaborating, and consulting in learning-focused conversations
  • Working with diverse adult learners
  • Classroom management for new teachers
  • Classroom-based assessment
  • Professional conduct
  • Elements of effective induction and state supports

Three sessions are usually offered each summer – two in June and one in late July/early August. Please see OSPI’s Events Manager for registration details.  

OSPI Mentor Academy II
This two-day follow-up to Mentor Academy I further develops skills for learning-focused conversations, and gives mentors an opportunity to discuss their work with colleagues from other districts. Sessions are offered during the school year, around the state. Upcoming sessions are posted on the TAP website and on Events Manager.

Mentor Tune-Up
Tune-ups are one-day sessions that allow mentors to practice their coaching, collaborating, and consulting skills with colleagues in a facilitated setting. They are open to mentors who have attended Mentor Academy. To schedule a Tune-Up in your area for a group of 20 or more Academy graduates, please contact Linda Foster, Beginning Educator Support Team Coordinator,

Mentor Roundtables
These monthly or bi-monthly meetings of mentors provide continuing professional development and support for mentors, with opportunities to share insights and program ideas, and to practice skills. More information on this regional resource for mentors and program administrators.

CSTP-OSPI Mentor Symposium
This annual symposium, held each fall in November by OSPI and the Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP), brings together education professionals interested in supporting new teachers and their more experienced colleagues in increasing their effectiveness in the classroom. For details, visit the CSTP Web site.



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